Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Haul: Pinkies Collections

Hello lovlies!

I just wanted to share with you a little haul which I got yesterday. :)

Pinkies Collections @ Beauty Bunker
Pinkies Collections

All the items I got were from the brand Pinkies Collections. It's a really affordable brand which has some really great products!

So, let's jump into it, shall we?

The first item that I got was a cream eyeliner. As a lover of liquid eyeliner (because of my oily eyelids), I haven't really gone and tried out any other kind of eyeliner other than the typical pencil. I actually wanted to get a gel eyeliner, but the all the makeup counters at SM seemed to have a shortage of black ones. 

As I was looking around, I spotted this little thing on the Pinkies Collections counter:

Pinkies Collections Black Cream Eyeliner @ Beauty Bunker

Pinkies Collections black cream eyeliner

Cream eyeliner. Interesting. 

Pinkies Collections Black Cream Eyeliner swatch @ Beauty Bunker

Well, I immediately knew that this wasn't going to be a product that I would be able to use on its own since it would definitely smudge all over the place due to its consistency. 

However, that's something that could easily be remedied with a bit of black powder eyeshadow on top, no biggie.

So, I went ahead and got it. It was only Php 99. An awesome deal, IMO. :)

Next, I got a super awesome eyeshadow color. ;) I was actually looking for a shadow color so I could recreate this look for a photoshoot:

red eye makeup @ Beauty Bunker
awesome red eye look!

...and I found this bad boy:

Pinkies Collections Fuchsia Red Eyeshadow @ Beauty Bunker
awesome red eyeshadow!

This shadow is named Fuchsia Red. 

These pictures really don't do the shadow justice, so here's a close up. Hopefully you see the tiny reflects that it has.

Pinkies Collections Fuchsia Red Eyeshadow @ Beauty Bunker
red with reflects

I was uber happy to find this shadow, and I was very very pleasantly surprised to find how very pigmented it was. Here's a swatch so you can see what I mean.

Pinkies Collections Fuchsia Red Eyeshadow swatch @ Beauty Bunker

I got this swatch from a single tap on the shadow. Amazing color payoff! 

( I'm actually thinking about doing a red eyeshadow tutorial for y'all. What do you think? :) )

What I love most about this shadow is that it's quite cheap at only Php 70. Great, right? ;)

Now, last but not the least, I got a new eyelash curler. My Body Shop one broke, and so I went looking for a replacement that didn't cost too much. Imagine my surprise when I saw this baby:

Pinkies Collections Eyelash Curler @ Beauty Bunker
pink eyelash curler

This eyelash curler is pretty much the exact same one as my Body Shop one, except it has pink handles which I think is adorable. :) 

This curler fits nicely on my eyes, and it doesn't pinch. It curls my lashes wonderfully! Also, it has a nice weight to it and it doesn't look or feel cheap at all.

The best thing about this eyelash curler is that it only costs an amazing Php 68. Yep, you read that right. 68-friggin-pesos. That's uber UBER cheap! Naturally, I immediately snatched it up after seeing the price tag. :p

All in all, I feel that this haul was a very, very good one, considering the great items I got as well as the really great prices of each. I definitely recommend that you check out this brand if you are looking for wonderful makeup staples which are of good quality and which are highly affordable. ;)

This brand can be found at most SM department stores, so if you are interested, check it out and tell me how it goes! :)


  1. abby! meron ba sa SM Calamba 'tong brand na 'to? :)

    1. Naku! Di pa ko nakapunta sa SM Calamba eh. Hehe.

      Sa SM Cubao ko to nakita and meron den sa Megamall so I suppose meron den dapat sa Calamba. :) Usually katabi lang yung brand na to yung James Cooper & Fanny Serrano makeup :)


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