Friday, February 1, 2013

Nails of the Week #2: Ombré Pink and Orange

Hi guys!
Here is another Nails of the Week post for you. It's Ombré Pink and Orange nails this time. :)

Ombré nails are quite easy to do, in my opinion. Unlike your usual one color manicure, you really don't have to worry too much about pesky things like air bubbles, overly thick polish, and things like that. 

All you have to worry about is cleaning up around your nails later on! :)

Here are the things that you will need to get yourself pretty ombré nails. 

Nails of the Week #2: Ombre Nails @ Beauty Bunker
things you'll need

Of course, you don't have to have exactly the same colors. Switch them up to suit your preference. :)

I used: 

3 nailpolish colors in the same-ish color family for the gradient effect
(in order from left to right)
  • Twinkle Nail Sparkler in Neon Pink (a true neon pink color)
  • Colortrends Nail Polish in Orange Float (a medium orange color with teenie tiny glitters)
  • Twinkle Nail Sparkler in Carnation (a slightly frosted medium pink color)

Topcoat (Bobbie Basic Top Coat)

Base color 
  • Pure Ice in First Love (a pearlescent pink color)

Makeup/cosmetic sponge (the sponge in the picture above is what yours should look like while doing your nails ;) )

Soo, here's what I did:

Nails of the Week #2: Ombre Nails @ Beauty Bunker
yey for step-by-step pictures!

1. Apply the base color of your choice. I used the pearlescent pink for this. 

2. Blob some of your 1st gradient color onto the edge of your makeup sponge, and apply to about 1/2 of your nail in dabbing motions. I chose orange. 

3. On another corner of the sponge, blob your second color. I chose the neon pink. This second color is your "medium" blending color to blend together the 1st and 3rd colors you will be applying. Make sure that when you dab this color on your nail, you will do so on only 1/3 of your nail

4. On yet another corner of your sponge, blob on your 3rd color. I chose the medium pink. Dab this color onto the very tips of your nails. 

5. Add topcoat, and you're done! :)

Here is the finished look. :)

Nails of the Week #2: Ombre Nails @ Beauty Bunker
right hand

Nails of the Week #2: Ombre Nails @ Beauty Bunker
left hand

Now, here are some very, very useful tips while doing this:

1. Always dab the color upwards from the tip of your nail. This will ensure that you get the most product at the tips of your nails, and you get a faded effect near your cuticles. Make sure you do this for all 3 colored layers so the colors will blend together well. 

Here is a photo for reference.

Nails of the Week #2: Ombre Nails @ Beauty Bunker
faded gradient effect, check!

2. Always let the layer dry first before adding a new one! This is so you won't ruin the layers beneath. 

3. Don't get scared if it looks totally crazy at first! Just keep dabbing. ;) Once you put on topcoat, the look will come together, I promise! This look is very forgiving on mistakes since not every nail has to look alike. :)

4. Up close, your nails may look totally kuh-razzeeh, but don't worry, it will look great from afar. Haha! :) Also, once the bumps have been worn down (from bathing, washing your hands, etc) it will look even better. :)

5. Try all the steps on 1 nail first until you get the hang of it. It will save you time and energy on fixing mistakes on every nail later on. ;)

Well, that's it for this tutorial. :) 'Til next time! :)

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