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Product Love: Nichido Length & Curl Mascara

Soo.. This is my first official review blog! *excited*

And, as you can see by the title of this post, this is going to be about one of the beauty products that I absolutely love - the Nichido Length & Curl Mascara!

Here is how the packaging looks like. 

Nichido Length & Curl Mascara @ Beauty Bunker

I'm not sure but I think the packaging changed to a bulkier, more plasticky tube which I don't quite like. It's also in a box set type of thing wherein 2 pencil eyeliners are included as well. 

This mascara retails for around Php 190, I think. I can't remember the exact price, though. Anyway, it's super affordable! :)

So, anyway, here is what the brush looks like. It has typical fiber-y bristles.

Nichido Length & Curl Mascara @ Beauty Bunker

Now, before I tell you just how amazing this mascara is for me, I have to tell you what my eyelashes are like. 

*Note that different people have different kinds of eyelashes, so mascaras do not work the same for every lash type. :)

Mine are typical Asian lashes which are quite thin and which grow stubbornly downwards because of my hooded eyelids. Here are some pictures.

eyes closed

side view

I know that in these pics, my eyelashes don't look short and stumpy, (they actually even turn up a wee bit) but in this picture, you'll get to see how my eyelids pretty much cancel them out. 

ta-dah! eyelashes are gone :(

The Nichido Length & Curl Mascara was one of the first mascaras that I have ever bought with my own money. Since I wasn't that into makeup then, I figured getting a cheap mascara was alright. I actually didn't really expect too much from it, but then...

Lashes with Nichido Length & Curl Mascara @ Beauty Bunker

Yep, that's right. I was surprised at how great this mascara worked for my stubby lashes! Really, I only needed to use 1 coat for both eyes - that means I didn't need to re-dip my brush into the product to get amazing eyelashes for both my eyes. Here's a couple of other pics to show you how well this mascara worked for me.

Lashes with Nichido Length & Curl Mascara @ Beauty Bunker
both eyes (top and bottom lashes) with 1 coat! 

I love that this mascara is very buildable as well. If you want uber long lashes, you can simply add more coats. I recommend adding the second coat right after the first one, though, to avoid clumping.

Lashes with Nichido Length & Curl Mascara @ Beauty Bunker
side view (pardon the smudges)

In the picture below, you can see how soft, fluttery, and clump-free my eyelashes are after the mascara. Another thing that I love is that this mascara doesn't give you hard, brittle looking lashes. They feel really natural! 

Lashes with Nichido Length & Curl Mascara @ Beauty Bunker

Lashes with Nichido Length & Curl Mascara @ Beauty Bunker
Here's a closer look at my lashes after the mascara, without editing the pic.

Really, I think that this mascara can stand up to other more expensive brands out there. Though it doesn't really do a whole lot in the volumizing department, you have to note that this mascara was labeled a "Length & Curl Mascara" in the first place - and man, can it lengthen! In my opinion, I look like I'm wearing a really natural pair of falsies. :)

Lashes with Nichido Length & Curl Mascara @ Beauty Bunker

I love that even though this isn't a waterproof mascara, it held up my lashes well and didn't really smudge much - and I have the oiliest eyelids ever!At the end of the day, this mascara only smudged the tinest bit on me - which is great for a mascara this cheap, in my opinion! 

I also have to note that I feel like this mascara made my lashes grow -- seriously! I swear my lashes were much, much stumpier than the pics above before I started using the mascara. The mascara itself doesn't have any sort of claim to that effect, though. :)

So, do I recommend that you buy this mascara? Well, duh. For less than Php 200, you can't really go wrong, can you? ;)

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  1. Ooooh not bad! I have tried their color eyes mascara ( I think it's called that) and I really liked that despite not being waterproof! :)

    CJ | From Manila with Love


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